Tim Hortons Timbit Shootout


Following each round robin and semi final game, there will be a shoot out contest for Tim Hortons Timbits for all players on the winning team.

If the game has run past the allotted time and the Tournament Committee deems there is insufficient time for a contest, a coin toss will determine the winner.

The contest will proceed as follows:

  • 5 pucks will be placed on the blue line for each team.
  • Shooters will line up against the boards in front of their respective benches and shoot in ascending order of their jersey numbers - lowest to highest.
  • The first shooter for each team starts with the puck from the centre circle and skates in on the opposing team's goalie.
  • If a shooter does not score, that shooter must pass the puck to the next shooter, who must be outside the blueline when they receive the pass.  The shooter who receives the pass may then skate in and attempt to score.  
  • Goalies may NOT delay the shoot out in any way.  If a goalie delays the shoot out (ie. covers the puck for a prolonged period of time), the goalies team will lose one goal.
  • The winner of the Tim Hortons Timbit Shootout is the team to score five (5) goals first.  There is a time limit on this contest of two (2) minutes.  If after two minutes, no team has scored five goals, the team with the most goals wins.  If the score is tied after two minutes, a coin toss will determine the winner.
  • The next shooter in line when the shoot out ends will be the first shooter in the next shoot out in which the said team is participating.
  • Team will shake hands after the Tim Hortons Timbit Shootout.

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